About Us

Prior to art and media, Anshu contributed to Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers of London, and Andersen Consulting of India. During her years in banking and consulting, she was exposed to emergent market spaces of London, India, and Africa. With a formal education studying film at Raindance UK and Art at Sotheby’s London, Anshu’s love for the arts were taken to new levels. Previous education from Boston University, U.S.A, where she acquired her Masters of Computer Science, following her Bachelors in Economics from St. Stephens College of India, allowed Anshu to pursue Aabru Art wholeheartedly in 2011. Anshu’s admiration of West African art and artists led her to discover new talent within the sector and build an organization from the ground up, which came to develop naturally and organically. As Anshu saw the potential for her love of art to give a voice to several West African artists, she was steadfast and committed to the worthwhile cause behind Aabru Art. As one of the founding members of the Pan Asian Women’s Association (PAWA), Anshu takes great pride in her ability to assist in social and educational causes globally. Anshu’s work ethos is based on integrity and social entrepreneurship, where she strives to exhibit dignity and honour in all of her endeavours. Anshu now serves as the Founder and Chairman of Aabru Art and resides happily in London with her husband and 2 daughters.