Bunmi Babatunde

Bunmi Babatunde is a dynamic and innovative Nigerian sculptor who underscores notions of identity through his organic forms and sleek, expressive style. He first sought inspiration in Primary Five from a poorly cropped photograph. The persons arm had been mistakenly cut from the picture, and Babatunde felt compelled to fill in the missing part. Since then, he has captured the attentions of his peers and contemporary art collectors with his passionate and lively sculptures. Often choosing to work in a larger-than-life scale, Babatunde carefully and masterfully crafts expressive and meaningful  sculptures to explore the underpinnings of human achievement. Through exaggerated and elongated forms, these powerful and deceptively simplistic pieces call into question the societal notions of human possibility.


National Diploma in General Art, Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria 1981

Higher National Diploma in Sculpture, Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria 1983