George Edozie

Edozie is recognized for his talent worldwide. Through form, color, design consciousness and containment, his collage paintings and monumental fabric sculptures unleash the embodied powers of life to dissolve creative blockade and remake reality. He terms himself and all of humanity as expressionists.” But rather than paint what he sees like the stereotypical 20th century expressionists did, Edozie paints what he feels and what he knows. It explains why his faces are always the face, which is composed of the exact same elements of two oblong white eyes with a circular black iris, sensuous red lips that are always closed, no ears, a long and tilted neck and black contour lines over monochrome-backgrounds. Rather than imitate reality, his expression rules over mastery and he tries to achieve it through texture and colour. These expressions are thus used to tell an active narrative of situations, dynamics unsocial groups and of people.  


Bachelor in Painting, University of Benin, Nigeria 1996