Reuben Ugbine

Ugbine’s forte lies in woodcarvings. He manipulates the concave and convex within his figurative or mask forms to create a jumping-off point for a reflective and insightful artistic practice. He uses this manipulation to achieve a three-dimensional reality to thrill the beholder to a standstill and appreciate and ponder about the complex nature of creativity. Ugbine’s theme tends to focus on social realism - human figures who seem to disclose the existence of various aspects of the Nigeria way of life.

Prior to his full-time commitment to studio practice, he lectured at Auchi Polytechnic. His pieces are displayed in numerous public spaces across Nigeria. Reuben has had solo and joint exhibitions throughout Nigeria and in Lebanon, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and South Africa.


Diploma in Art, Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Nigeria

Higher National Diploma in Sculpture, Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria 1979


Transcending Boundaries 2013

Transcending Boundaries 2015