Rom Isichei

Rom Isichei works with a myriad of materials, encapsulating and provoking an avant-garde aesthetic. His bold and enlivened approach to painting and mixed media plays towards an abstract and intricate rendering of human life. Initially finding success in the field of advertising, Isichei decided to further pursue his passion in the arts, and his ambition has grown ever since. The risk has certainly been a prosperous decision, and he has now become a sought-after Nigerian artist. He constantly views his own work as being in progression and transition; hence, there is certainly nothing static about his paintings and mixed mediums, whether it is his masterful juxtaposition of colour or seamless compositions. He aims to underlie a subtle spirituality within his works as well. Isicheis perpetual innovation and re-evaluation are indicative of the sheer ingenuity of his artworks.  


Painting, Yaba College of Technology

Master in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London