Bruce Onobrakpeya December 2016 to March 2017

Bruce Onobrakpeya is a prolific artist, printmaker, painter, teacher and scholar. He, and his work, are known and sought after internationally.

Throughout his long career, Bruce's work has evolved and changed. Rather than one definitive style, his works are encompassed around specific periods in time.  Each of his period's differ in their medium ranging from lino cut prints, bronze, paintings and drawings to modern installations; and in their content, from Nigerian folklore and the Zarian landscape, to Christianity, the degradation of the environment, politics and social unrest.

Onobrakpeya is described as a “living legend” who is “responsible for the renaissance in contemporary art in Nigeria.”  Throughout his long career  his works have been shown in over 68 exhibitions around the world; by some of the world’ s most prominent galleries, like the Tate Modern Gallery of London, the National Museum of African Arts, the Smithsonian Institution of Washington D.C. the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Malmö Konsthall of Sweden. His work has garnered him over 30 national and international awards and appointments; in November 2014 the SPANFEST Excellence Award - Lifetime Achievement Award in the Arts and in November 2014, the National Museum of African Art Smithsonian Institution Washington D.C. Award in Recognition of Widespread Achievements in the Arts.