Diseye Tantua Online Exhibition March to April 2016

Do not miss out on the work of Diseye Tantua - one of Nigeria's finest contemporary artists, regarded as a trail blazer of African Pop Art, "Afro Pop Art".

His work is a depiction of everyday street life overlaid with traditional proverbs made popular by commercial billboards, bumper sticks and graffiti on buses, taxis, rickshaws and street signs. In the works we are showing Diseye is drawing attention to the "Have Not's" in his society.

Diseye has received several Awards for his Art and his work in Art Education. He is a member of several Art Societies, including the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria, and he is chairman of the Society of Nigerian Artists. His works have been exhibited extensively in Nigeria, Ghana, Europe, London and America;

By utilizing wit and humour Diseye delivers a strong messages, encouraging self-reflection and deeper thought about ourselves and what we wish to acknowledge in the world around us.