George Edozie Online Exhibition October 2015

George Edozie is a contemporary Nigerian artist based in Lagos. We bring you art from his last solo exhibition titled ‘Shifting the Paradigm’, hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (South Florida’s oldest and only museum dedicated exclusively to contemporary art) which was listed among the 4 best exhibition at the Art Basel Miami 2014.

Edozie known for his mixed media, life-size contemporary sculptures and paintings on canvas, made with applying raw colour on cloth and formed with a knife, is a trained and talented up-and-coming star who is internationally recognised by art critics, fellow artists and the public.

Although not an expressionist, Edozie shares common characteristics of the "fauvist" and "post-impressionist" painters such as Cezanne, Matisse, Gauguin and Van Gogh. He believes that art is a universal language which cuts across different cultures and race. He aims to create a strong link between him and his works, so that the viewer may relate to him through his art.

George Edozie studied Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Benin where he majored in Painting. He has had 5 solo-exhibition and over 76 group-exhibitions in Nigeria and abroad.

His exhibition ‘Shifting the Paradigm’ hosted by the Museum Of Contemporary Art North Miami, was designed to tear down aging but still prevalent concepts surrounding the creation, consumption and interpretation of contemporary. The exhibition ran from December 2014 - February 2015 and focused on the culture and art of the Onitsha people.

Edozie is also the co-author of the book 101 Contemporary Artist, A Celebration of Modern Nigerian Art - the first recent document on Nigerian Contemporary Art published in 2010.

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