Strength and Vulnerability March to April 2016


Aabru Art is proud to present ‘Strength & Vulnerability’, an exhibition of new work by Sam Ebohon, Sam Ovraiti and Juliet Ezenwa Maja-Pearce, three leading contemporary Nigerian artists.

Strength and Vulnerability, two opposing forces coexisting within every woman. Cultures the world over have treated women as delicate, weak beings, lacking in physical and mental strength; so much so, that they cannot be trusted with their own minds or bodies. Yet, women possess an innate strength, great enough to carry them through primitive practices and oppressive beliefs.  They also  possess an openness, which when combined with their inborn vigour transforms them into teachers, mothers and indeed leaders of communities. Sam Ebohon, whose signature style incorporates brightly coloured abstract forms, has created a series of paintings depicting hands reaching out in unity, strength and peace - In search of a better tomorrow. These works are juxtaposed against the works of Maja-Pearce’s who captures the blissful innocence of young girls during an initiation into womanhood ceremony. It is during this initiation that FGM takes place.

Sam Ovraiti has used his expressive style of complex layers of colour to express a positive and uplifting message; portraying a generation of women who have the courage to stop these practices and change the future for the better.