July 15, 2024

The big news? The United States and China have agreed to team up on something pretty cool—cleaning up the planet by using more cleaner energy instead of stuff that makes the Earth too hot.

Big Plans Before Biden and Xi Meet

Before President Joe Biden and China’s leader, Xi Jinping, sat down for a chat at a big meeting, they made this huge announcement. It’s a big deal because these two countries make a lot of pollution.

Making Climate Friends Again

For a while, the US and China were not talking about climate change because they were mad at each other for different reasons. But now, they want to be friends about making the Earth better. koin303

What They’re Doing

They’ve decided to start talking again about how they can help the Earth. They want to use more wind and solar power instead of things like coal, oil, and gas that make the planet hotter.

Back on Track

This idea started in 2021 but got paused last year because things weren’t going well between them. Now, they’re saying, “Let’s get back to it!” koin303

Going Greener by 2030

By the end of 2030, both the US and China want more of their energy to come from things like wind and solar power. They’re also promising to help make three times more renewable energy all around the world by then. coin303

Cutting Down on Bad Stuff

They’re not just stopping there—they want to reduce all the bad stuff that makes the Earth too warm, not just one type of pollution. They’re aiming to make less carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases that cause climate change.

Making the Earth Cooler

Fossil fuels. Scientists say if the planet gets too warm, it’s going to cause big problems. So, the US and China want to stop that from happening by keeping the Earth’s temperature from rising too much.

China’s New Promise

China’s saying they’re going to control all the greenhouse gases they produce, not just one kind like they said before. This is a big change and shows they’re serious about making things better. pola slot

Focusing on Methane

One gas, methane, is super strong at making the planet hotter. China’s making plans to produce less of it, but some experts say their plan isn’t strong enough.

So, the US and China are teaming up to make the Earth cleaner and cooler. It’s a big step toward helping the planet and making sure it stays nice for everyone.