June 11, 2024
Paris International Children's Art Festival (PICAF)

The iconic Eiffel Tower set the stage for the second Paris International Children’s Art Festival (PICAF), a mesmerizing event that celebrated the fusion of creativity and dreams.

PICAF’s primary objective was to create a global platform for multicultural exchange and integration, uniting renowned artists, charitable organizations, and individuals from all walks of life. The festival’s mission is to ensure the equitable distribution of art education resources, making artistic learning accessible to every child.

Paris International Children's Art Festival (PICAF)

Hosts and Supporters

The European Artists Association (AAE) orchestrated this enchanting festival, receiving valuable support from UNESCO (Chad) and sponsorship from the International Institute of Well-Being (IIWB).

A Glimpse into the Highlights

One of the festival’s highlights included exclusive video courses led by luminaries in the art world. Rémy Aron, the Chairman of the French Styling Arts Association and a Professor of Painting and Printmaking at the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, generously shared his profound insights. Claude Yvel, a contemporary hyperrealist surrealist painter, and Philippe Muyl, the renowned French playwright and director of “The Butterfly,” also graced the event with their expertise. These artists offered invaluable guidance on “The significance of art education in children’s growth and its lifelong impact,” catering to both children and parents.

Inspiring Stories from Around the World

The festival also presented inspiring stories from families hailing from France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and beyond. These families shared their journeys in nurturing their children’s artistic talents. Furthermore, representatives from the Embassy of Chad in China and UNESCO Chad conveyed their optimism and high expectations for the Chad-UNESCO collaboration project through heartfelt video messages.

Estelle, representing the AAE, recounted the festival’s developmental journey during her moving speech. Jason Arthaud, an artist specially invited to PICAF, underscored the importance of allowing children to “develop freely” before introducing structured learning. Ms. Sun Xiaoyu, representing IIWB, reaffirmed the association’s unwavering commitment to the mental development and growth of children worldwide.

Interactive Zones and Art Exhibition

The art festival featured interactive zones and an exhibition area adorned with outstanding artworks. These spaces allowed children to unleash their boundless energy and creativity. Ms. Grace Shi, the Executive Director and Spokesperson of IIWB Association, and Ms. Emily Cheong, the Secretary-General, graced the event with their presence.

A Bright New Chapter

As the curtains closed on this remarkable festival, it marked the beginning of an eagerly anticipated new chapter. Enthusiastic anticipation is already building for the next edition of Paris International Children’s Art Festival, where children’s dreams will once again take center stage on the grand art platform!